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The River Dog Team

RIVER is the inspiration, face, heart and soul of River Dog Paddle Co. Picked up along the Coosa River as Mike & Connie came home
from the 2014 Rome River Jam, seems River was just the right name for this lil' guy who changed their lives!


SUGAR RAY is Connie & Mike's original Boxer. Even though he can be pursuaded onto a SUP, he prefers playing in the snow!


 was a sweet boy who joined up with Mike & Connie from Atlanta Boxer Rescue in 2010, as they were looking
to add a friend to the fam for Sugar Ray. He ran the show until February of 2017.
Now he's keeping watch over the River Dog crew and we feel his spirit with us always!

HARLEY was adopted by Mike & Connie from Floyd County Animal Control in 2012. She loves her Brothers almost as much 
as she loves chasing tennis balls... and SUP'g of course!

is River Dog's Chief Paddle Officer and Connie is the Owner of River Dog Paddle Co. 
They make a great team... but at the end of the day,it's River Dog who calls all the shots!


 Connie, Derek - River Dog's GoTo guy, Anna -  Makes sure everyone gets a High Five, Jake - Chief of Beer Approval, Jess - Good Vibes Sharer